Cartoon Celebs: The 10 Best Stars To Ever Make Animated Appearances

Meghan Blalock

In the grand tradition of celebrities who get animated for cartoon series, Mariah Carey will star on the November 24 episode season of “American Dad,” according to the Inquisitr. But unlike the many stars who have come before her, Mariah is not going to play Mariah, but rather a role that’s very different from her normal, diva-like self.

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“Mariah was great to have in the studio,”  executive producer Matt Weitzman said. “She’d never done voice-over work before, but she was clearly so comfortable in front of the mic. She’s naturally funny.”

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In honor of MC’s recent choice to join the animated ranks, we’ve pored over the history of cartoon-ified stars to come up with a solid list of 10 other celebs who made animated cameos!
Keep in mind, we only used stars who actually played themselves in cartoons, as opposed to, say, Tom Cruise in “South Park,” which was voiced by the show’s creators (and not approved by tom himself.)
zooey deschanel the simpsons
1. Zooey Deschanel on “The Simpsons,” 2008
The doe-eyed singer-songwriter and now star of the FOX hit series “New Girl” has been on “The Simpsons” multiple times. First (above) she starred as country bumpkin singer Mary Spuckler; she also starred as herself on a portion of the show’s 25th anniversary special.
2. Britney Spears on “The Simpsons,” 2000
Britney lent her voice to play herself on an episode of the long-running cartoon series. She co-hosted the Springfield Pride Awards, and accidentally killed the show’s oldest  character, Cornelius Chapman, by kissing him on the cheek after he received the award for oldest man in town. Mr. Burns refused her kiss, fearing the “kiss of death.”
drew barrymore family guy
3. Drew Barrymore on “Family Guy,” 2005
Drew Barrymore did a voice-over as baby Stewie’s airhead-y new girlfriend, Jillian.
elizabeth taylor the simpsons Cartoon Celebs: The 10 Best Stars To Ever Make Animated Appearances
4. Elizabeth Taylor on “The Simpsons,” 1993
Iconic film actress Elizabeth Taylor lent her vocal talents for the episode “Krusty Gets Kancelled,” in which she played herself. She is wrangled as one of Krusty’s guest stars on his dying talk show, in an attempt to revive it.
halle berry the simpsons
5. Halle Berry on “The Simpsons,” 2011
“The Simpsons” ran an Oscars-centric episode in 2011, and Halle Berry was center-stage in her Elie Saab gown from the 2003 Academy Awards.
Pam Anderson futurama
6. Pam Anderson on “Futurama,” 1999
Sexpot Pam Anderson made her first  cartoon appearance as herself—or, rather, her head in a jar—for a 1999 episode of the future-based animated series “Futurama.”
lauren conrad family guy
7. Lauren Conrad on “Family Guy,” 2009
LC is a longtime, confessed fan of Seth MacFarlane’s animated brainchild, and the love affair became official when she starred in the 2009 episode, appropriately titled, “We Love You, Conrad.” She manifests in a bar with dog Brian, who is so drunk he doesn’t even recognize her (though he’s a big fan), instead referring to her only as “blondie.”
lady gaga the simpsons
8. Lady Gaga on “The Simpsons,” 2012
Lady Gaga voiced herself in the 2012 season finale, “Lisa Goes Gaga.” Gaga manifests to help Lisa overcome her social woes, an appearance that piggybacked on Gaga’s “Born This Way” mission at the time.
justin bieber simpsons Cartoon Celebs: The 10 Best Stars To Ever Make Animated Appearances
9. Justin Bieber on “The Simpsons,”2013
The Biebz voiced himself in the 2013 season finale, “The Fabulous Faker Boy.” Bart is entering into a local talent competition, and when Bieber tries to enter as well, he is turned down.
Jennifer_Love_Hewitt family guy
10. Jennifer Love Hewitt on “Family Guy,” 2000
Love Hewitt, at what is perhaps the height of her fame in 2000, starred in an episode of “Family Guy” called “He’s Too Sexy For His Fat.” She plays herself, but with a twist: she was born a male Eskimo who left his small village for a better life and ended up getting a sex change.