Is Carrie Bradshaw’s Paris Gown Enough To Save ‘And Just Like That’?

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"And Just Like That"
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We can now collectively enjoy a sigh of deep relief—And Just Like That is finally over. No more cringing at Miranda’s micro-aggressions, no more averting our eyes from young Brady’s sexual escapades, and no more listening to Carrie tell absolutely anyone who will listen that her husband is dead. We know, we saw! You should’ve called 911. But today, I’m here to share a more sartorial take, regarding Carrie’s finale dress in Paris.

If you haven’t watched the finale yet, consider this a massive spoiler warning, because I have a lot to say. About every single character! First, the good—Miranda dyed her hair back to red! It didn’t feel like she was succumbing to societal beauty standards; it felt like she was rediscovering herself. However, the fact that Steve was completely absent from the finale broke my heart. He needs closure! OK, maybe I needed the closure, too.

As for Charlotte, her storyline was nowhere near as much of a downer as Miranda’s, but she definitely got the shit end of the stick when Rock cancelled their own they-mitzvah and she had to step in. But the part that gave me the warm fuzzies? While Carrie and Miranda bicker at one another in the bathroom, Charlotte’s true BFF, LTW, comforts her and reassures her she’s a great mother and friend. This is the kind of best friend Charlotte has always longed for!

Moments later, Carrie uninvites Charlotte to Paris because Miranda won’t go (which, honestly, was bizarre), further confirming that—just like Samantha—Charlotte needs to ditch these two for good.

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But the part we’re here to talk about today is Carrie’s final plotline. No, not the whole getting-a-new-solo-podcast final plotline. For me, the show ended in Paris, because that epilogue scene was just too cheesy to bear.

After meeting up with Big’s brother for lunch, Carrie denies his request to put Big’s ashes in his family’s final resting place—even though, like, perhaps they also wanted to visit him and he’s currently in a box in Carrie’s closet—and decides instead to spread his ashes in Paris.

I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but I get it. The dramatics feel on brand.

And to scatter those ashes? Carrie dons a ridiculously good gown. From the voluminous off-the-shoulder sleeves to the tangerine hue to the tiny bow detail at the back, there was a lot to love about this dress. The designer of the dress was Valentino, a Bradshaw (and SJP) favorite.

But what really made the look? The hot pink evening gloves, a trend we predicted after seeing them all over the Spring/Summer 2022 runways. Gorgeous! And ever-rooted in harsh reality (except, you know, the whole thing about not being able to spread ashes in Paris) Carrie has to remove them to send Samantha a text.

I’ve been leaning into evening gloves a lot lately, and anyone will tell you the most frustrating part is not being able to use your phone. Still, I genuinely thought we could all suspend our disbelief and let her keep them on! But no, they came off, because the And Just Like That writers have made it clear they’re no fans of whimsy.

Although, I do wonder why we’re meant to believe that a grown man’s ashes would fit nicely into Carrie’s Timmy Woods Beverly Hills Eiffel Tower clutch bag. Also, not to be morbid, but there’s no way it was a clean pour—what will she do with the ashes that remain inside?

"And Just Like That"

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I don’t know if And Just Like That will renew for a second season, and frankly, I’m not sure I want it to. Let’s nix that last scene like I suggested and leave Carrie in Paris, decked out in a gorgeous gown, eager to meet up with Samantha for a long-awaited cocktail. That feels right to me.

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