Carrie Bradshaw’s Infamous Penchant For Bird Headpieces Lives On

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Carrie Bradshaw’s Infamous Penchant For Bird Headpieces Lives On
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Pretty much every outfit Sarah Jessica Parker wore as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City was love-it-or-hate-it polarizing. Fashion fantatics gushed over her wildest ensembles, while other views struggled to figure out why they were so obsessed with this New Yorker who looked as though she might’ve gotten dressed in a dark, designer-filled closet. Out of all the controversial looks, though, the wedding dress complete with bird headpiece was certainly the most talked-about of all—and it looks like Carrie Birdshaw is getting a not-so-subtle shoutout in the reboot.

If you’re as excited for And Just Like That as I am, you’re no doubt following SJP and all the other stars for regular updates—but are you following the show’s costume designers? Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago are spilling all the tea on the series and its exciting wardrobe via the @andjustlikethatcostumes Instagram account, which has amassed a cool 23k followers and counting.

The account’s latest snap shows Parker in a vintage-looking black and white polka-dotted dress with a super-low back. While some fans gushed over the dress itself or the gorgeous Duchessa Gardini heels, many were quick to tune into the look’s more prominent accessory: a bird headpiece.

Yep, another bird headpiece. So many years later!

SATC fans know the drama that went down on Carrie and Big’s wedding day, when Carrie showed up dressed to the nines in an maximalist Vivienne Westwood complete with a feathered fascinator that looked like a literal bird on her head.

Too anxious to head into the over-the-top affair, Big can’t reach Carrie and has a total panic attack about the whole thing. By the time he finally finds her, she’s already furious at him for standing her up at the altar.

“He couldn’t get out of the car. After ten years of what he already put me through, he couldn’t make the effort and get out of the car,” she laments to her friends in a later scene. “I made the effort. I put a bird on my head!”

“Is that what that was?” asks Miranda. “I thought it was feathers.”

And so, the bird headpiece became cemented in SATC fashion history—and, like Miranda, many fans were confused by it. Why would such a tastemaker show up to the biggest day of her life in such a strange look?

STYLECASTER | Carrie Bradshaw Bird In Hair


Not to go all English Major on you guys, but to me, the dramatic dress and funky headpiece were part of the foreshadowing of the wedding’s downfall. Let’s unpack it all, shall we? During the scenes leading up to the wedding, we see Carrie lose herself in lavish wedding planning, which is ultimately why Big can’t bring himself to go through with it.

Big wanted an intimate celebration of their love; meanwhile, Carrie was throwing New York Fashion Week 2.0. By the time we get to her wedding day, she doesn’t even look like herself in her bridal getup. Because Carrie loses herself in the wedding hullabaloo, she ends up losing Big, too.

Fast-forward a very, very long time to the filming of And Just Like That, we’re seeing Carrie in yet another bird headpiece—and it just so happens that this is the first sneak peak of Parker filming alongside Chris Noth, a.k.a. Mr. Big himself!!!

Having Carrie wear a bird headpiece around Mr. Big is soooo shady and I love the costume team for it. Chef’s kiss.

STYLECASTER | Carrie Bradshaw Bird In Hair

The Mega Agency.

I’m no ornithologist, but this time around, her headpiece definitely screams more flamingo than peacock. Maybe that means she’s done peacocking around and ready to stand on her own (in a classic one-legged flamingo stance) without Big? I’m not one for spoilers, so only time will tell.

If you haven’t been excited about the costuming for And Just Like That so far, let the reemergence of Carrie Birdshaw serve as proof that this team knows what they’re doing. And just like that, I can’t help but wonder what she’ll be spotted in next.

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