CARRERA Champion Aviators


Object Of Desire

CARRERA Champion aviators, $150, at

Reason #1

Being that it’s 62 degrees today, it’s time to put away all those winter standbys (scarves, hats, mittens, and start thinking about Spring and Summer necessities.  And, there’s nothing like Carrera’s red hot, brand new “Champion” aviators to kick off this season’s Spring vibe!

Reason #2

Because these aren’t your classic, “safe” aviators from years past – Carrera’s vibrant red colored sunglasses are a showstopper; not to mention the fact that they are guaranteed to put a little hop in your step.

Reason #3

Because I’d rather not wait to pick sunglasses based on what absurd, ridiculous and frankly unflattering sunglasses Nicole Richie suddenly deems worthy and cool enough to wear this season.   No more celebutant-based sunglass trends; instead, why not be the trendsetter with Carrera’s fabulously fun and unique Champion aviators?!

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