Carole Radziwill

Carole Radziwill

Caroline Radziwill Style Profile

@caroleradziwill (Photo: Melodie Jeng)

Carole Radziwill has lived a thousand lives: She’s reported from the ground in Kandahar on the war in Afghanistan, produced news segments for ABC News on land mines in Cambodia, written a New York Times best-selling book, and appeared on the hit Bravo show The Real Housewives of New York City. She’s already working on yet another book, a collection of essays about her life experiences, which will likely hit stands next summer. (We can’t wait to read it.)

The one thing that’s remained constant during her wildly interesting life? Her wardrobe. Radziwill is a fan of the classics, sticking to a steady uniform of button-up shirts, jeans or leather pants, and boots. For our shoot, however, she opted for a stellar pair of Pierre Hardy stilettos, because, as she said, “sometimes you just have to put on a pair of high heels.”

Tell me about your look.
I’m thinking about comfort. I have a fairly good collection of Converse sneakers and boots; I love Frye boots. I love leather pants and jeans and classic button-down shirts. Nothing too trendy; that’s just not me. The key to good fashion, I think, is to feel comfortable and confident. I always say that fashion is a dress, and style is a way of life. I like to think I am not as fashionable as I am stylish. If you live with a certain kind of style, it shows in your clothes and your home and the places you go and the things that you do.

What do you love about New York City style?
It’s hard not to be stylish in New York City. You could wear anything, because the backdrop is so chic. If you’re wearing sweats, high-tops, and a hoodie, you somehow still look [stylish] if you’re walking down a New York City street. Not all cities are like that.

Where do you like to shop in the city?
I love vintage. What Goes Around Comes Around is probably the best, especially the basement (if you’re allowed down there!). It’s astounding. They have great Victorian lace dresses. I sometimes wear them backward so I can undo the buttons, and then it’s very low-cut and sexy. And, I have some great concert tees from [the store]. They also have the best collection of vintage Alaïa I have ever seen.

Where do you like to eat in the city?
I’m dating a chef, so recently I got into food and cooking. Normally, I don’t really care too much for food. Now I am serious about eating healthy, thanks to him. He makes these noodles out of zucchini with marinara sauce or pesto. I’m a carb junkie, all I eat is bread (I have a very steady metabolism). So the girl who turned her kitchen into an office is finally going back into the kitchen and having fun. We might do a cookbook together.