Carly Simon to Reveal Identity of Man Who Inspired “You’re So Vain”


Remember when you first heard the rumor that Alanis Morissettes song, You Outta Know was actually an angry lyrical lash out against actor Dave Coulier of Full House? Everyones immediate reaction is a blank stare followed by an almost hurt whimper, Uncle Joey?

Generally, songs that call out the musicians personal fights and angst are pretty transparent. (“Cry Me a River” by J.Timberlake? Obviously a not-so-nice shout out to Britney Spears.) However, the best kept musical secret has been heavily guarded by Carly Simon for her track, Youre So Vain. Since the songs debut in 1972, Carly Simon has yet to confirm who the song is actually about but leading contentors were actor Warren Beatty or Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

Now, Simon divulged to Uncut Magazine that her upcoming album will include a subtle clue confirming the identity of which man is just so vain; You know what, Im just going to tell you this. The answer is on the new version of ‘Youre So Vain,’ on my new record Never Been Gone. Theres a little whisper and its the answer to the puzzle, Simon said.

Apparently, when you play the re-recording backwards (this is all very Wizard of Oz and “Dark Side of the Moon“), you can faintly make out the name, “David.” Although as Carly Simon’s spokesperson astutely points out, “There are many ‘Davids’ :)” it is widely believed Simon is referring to David Geffen the head of Simon’s record label Elektra Records.

I sincerely hope we can all now get some sleep knowing this is on more mystery solved.

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