Are Too Hot to Handle’s Carly & Joey Still Together? Their Instagram Clues Are Telling

Joey, Carly, "Too Hot to Handle"
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Warning: Too Hot to Handle season 2 spoilers ahead. After his WTF moment in the finale, wants to know if Carly and Joey are still together after Too Hot to Handle season 2 or if they left their relationship at the beach (along with the money they lost.)

Carly, a 24-year-old from Toronto, and Joey, a 23-year-old from Miami, were two contestants on the second season of the Netflix reality TV dating show. Like the first season, Too Hot to Handle season 2 brought a dozen or so singles from across the world together to a tropical resort as they looked for love and tried not to have sex. Too Hot to Handle season 2 also saw the return of Lana, an Amazon Alexa-like device who watched the contestants 24/7 and called them out when they kissed, had sex or touched themselves or someone else in a sexual manner. If contestants are caught breaking the rules, Lana deducts money from their $100,000 prize fund.

There were some changes between Too Hot to Handle season 1 and 2, however. The first difference is that the contestants didn’t know they were on Too Hot to Handle. When they arrived at the retreat, they were told they were on a show called Parties in Paradise. It wasn’t until Lana arrived and told them that they were on Too Hot to Handle that they learned what show they really were on. The second difference is that the remaining prize fund wasn’t split between the final contestants like in season 1. Instead, the money was given to the contestant that everyone believed had made the most progress at the retreat. (SPOILER: In the finale, Lana chose Cam, Marvin and Carly as the top three contestants who had made the most progress on the show. The other contestants then voted on which of the finalists deserved the money. In the end, Marvin won with the most votes and was awarded $55,000.)

So that’s how Too Hot to Handle season 2 worked. But are Carly and Joey still together? Here’s what we know about their post-show relationship.

Are Carly & Joey still together after Too Hot to Handle?

Carly was one of the 10 original contestants on Too Hot to Handle season 2. She started the show in a relationship with Chase, and they seemed like one of the stronger couples at first. Their breakup came in the middle of the season after Carly told Chase that she needed more affection and he told her that she was insecure. In episode 6 came three more contestants: Tabitha, Elle and Joey. When Chase and Tabitha coupled up, Carly found it difficult to watch her ex be with another contestant. That was when she started to flirt with Joey and share a $3,000 kiss with him. But what started as a rebound to get over Chase soon evolved into a real relationship.

In the finale, Carly and Joey were one of the strongest final couples, alongside Cam and Emily, and Marvin and Melinda. However, a WTF moment came when Lana named Carly as one of season 2’s three finalists and Joey didn’t vote for her and voted for Marvin instead. We never saw Carly’s reaction to her partner not voting for her, but in season 2’s final moments, it looked like Carly and Joey were still together and going strong. But what happened after the show? Are Carly and Joey still together after Too Hot to Handle? The answer is unclear.

Both Carly and Joey follow each other on Instagram but haven’t interacted much. One of their interactions was when Carly posted a poll on her Instagram Story with the caption, “When ur just sitting there getting shouted at for kissing Joey but all u can think about is doing it again.” Joey reposted the Instagram Story with a poll asking his followers if they expected that he broke “one rule” or “multiple.” Joey also regrammed other Instagram Story posts from his friends who posted videos of him and Carly kissing on Too Hot to Handle. According to her Instagrams, Carly also spent several weeks in Miami, Joey’s hometown, earlier this year. On New Year’s 2021, she posted an Instagram photo of her in Miami. A month and a half later, in February, she posted another Instagram picture of her in Miami.

As of writing this, Carly and Joey haven’t confirmed their relationship, but if their Instagram clues tell us anything, it’s that they’re at least still cool with each other.

Too Hot to Handle is available to stream on Netflix.

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