Career Advice from the Pros: nyc PR Girls

Laurel Pinson

For a while now we’ve been receivingoodles of questions from readers and Tweeters regarding breaking into the fashion PR industry. So, to help our inquisitive friends get the info they’re looking for, we’ve brought in the professionals!

Enter, nyc PR Girls. While it sounds like a spin-off of the “The Hills” or “The City,” trust us, it’s not. Rather, it is the ever-so-informative blog that documents the lives and adventures of those entrenched in the fast-paced world of public relations. Run by three twenty-something ladies working at three different New York City PR firms, provides tips and tricks for interns and other aspiring PR girls, all while typing up press releases and strutting in stilettos.

Starting tomorrow, Adrianna, Meg and Mary Ann will be answering all of your PR and related questions in the Advice section on StyleCaster.

To post a question you want answered,head over toAdvice now!

Want to know more about the three lovely ladies behind nycPRGirls? Visit their site!

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