The Reason Cardi B Tweeted ‘Wish I Was Dead’ Is So Concerning

Cardi B.
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Everybody deals with bad days. It’s not uncommon for people to turn to social media outlets to share their feelings and thoughts. On July 21, Cardi B did just that scaring her fans and her husband, Offset The reason for Cardi  B “wish I was dead” tweet is so much. Though the “Press” rapper quickly deleted her tweet, the message was still out there in the Twitterverse.

We’re guessing the 26-year-old didn’t quite understand the magnitude of her reach and the effect she could have on both her followers and her friends and family. Shortly after her post-and-delete tweet, the hashtag #WeLoveYouCardiB gained quite a lot of traction on Twitter. And Cardi’s husband, Offset, who wasn’t with her at the time of her concerting tweet, was extremely concerned about his wife.

“He freaked out when she tweeted that and called her right away to check-in,” a source told HollywoodLife. The situation was especially hard to handle, the source explained, because of the many miles between them. “Offset is in Europe right now and they are both missing each other badly.” The rapper’s group, Migos, is currently scheduled to perform in Germany on July 26. The trio will then jet off to Las Vegas to perform at Drai’s Live on July 27th. Both Cardi and Offset have very demanding jobs which take them away from one another. Cardi and Offset “FaceTime multiple times a day but it’s very hard on both of them,” the source explained. But “Cardi always gets really moody when they have to be apart, she hates it.”

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Another source at HollywoodLife provided some insight as for why the “Money” rapper tweeted the concerning message in the first place. “Cardi has been on the go and working nonstop between her performances, focusing on new music, traveling, and raising Kulture [her one-year-old daughter she shares with Offset]. She really doesn’t give herself a break very often because she’s such a hard worker and so dedicated to building her empire, and she’s harder on herself than anyone else.”

“Cardi has struggled with feelings of being overwhelmed with fame and working so hard all the time and while she knows how to cope, she’s also human and has her off days, too,” the source continued. But the Grammy winner quickly realized that tweeting about stress, particularly a message so startling as “wish I were dead,” wasn’t the best idea. “As soon as Cardi tweeted what she did, she realized that it wasn’t something to take lightly and decided to delete it because she knew people would misinterpret what she said and that’s the last thing she wanted to do,” the source explained.

Fortunately, Cardi is OK. While the tweet wasn’t a joke of any kind, it also seemingly wasn’t meant to be taken quite as seriously as it was because she deleted it very quickly. On the same day that Cardi shared the tweet, Offset also shared an Instagram of a FaceTime call between him and his lady. “CANT WAIT TO GET HOME 👅👅👅,” the “Clout” rapper captioned his Instagram.

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This photo also happens to be the debut of Cardi’s new thigh tattoo of her husband’s name. (His real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus, but the Georgia rapper goes by Offset professionally.”