Cardi B Twerked With Minnie Mouse But Hold On, It’s Not What You Think

Cardi B
Photo: Shutterstock

We would honestly be shocked to see this Disney character twerking, but now we can’t stop thinking about it. This video of Cardi B twerking in a Minnie Mouse dress proves it was a fun time had by all.  These moves likely won’t be seen on Disneyland’s Main Street anytime soon.

The video, featured on the rapper’s Instagram account, shows the Grammy winner wearing a dress with Minnie Mouse’s face covering all of Cardi B’s backside. The “Money” rapper shows off her long purple nails, pink wig, and bedazzled hoop earrings before turning around to show off her twerking skills to Funk Brasil Mix’s “Vai Malandra.” Cardi B’s husband, Migos frontman Offset, was a major fan of his wife’s dancing sealing his approval with the words, “Fat a** jiggle wit it.” Not exactly a Disney-approved message.

The Grammy-winning rapper hasn’t been having the easiest time these past few weeks. Cardi B was forced to cancel her concert in Indiana due to a security threat. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper took to Twitter apologizing to her fans in Indiana for the cancelation but made a point to say that her safety and the safety of her fans was her first priority.

Fans then became extremely concerned for the rapper when Cardi B tweeted, “Wish I was dead.” An insider with HollywoodLife confirmed the rapper had been dealing with a lot. “Cardi has struggled with feelings of being overwhelmed with fame and working so hard all the time and while she knows how to cope, she’s also human and has her off days, too,” the source shared. If the playful video is any indication, we’re glad to see Cardi B back to her fierce, twerking self.