Guess Who Cardi B Almost Named Her Daughter Kulture After

Cardi B
Photo: Shuttershock

Hands up if your parents almost named you something else (yep, same!) Clearly this is super common because even our fav record-breaking rapper Cardi B tweeted Kulture’s original name yesterday. That’s right: Kulture Kiari Cephus could have had a completely different first name! And while Cardi’s sweet toddler already takes her middle name from daddy Offset (born Kiari Kendrell Cephus), Kulture was about to share even more of a family connection. Can you guess to who?

If you know Cardi, the answer may not come as such a surprise. “Fun fact: Always wanted a daughter and I always used to say imma name her HennyLynn,” Cardi wrote on Twitter. Does HennyLynn sound familiar? Here’s why it might: Cardi B is super close to her sister, Hennessy Carolina, so it makes complete sense that her original name for Kulture was based off Hennessy’s.

“It’s a cute mix of my sisters name,” Cardi’s tweet continues, “but then I started calling my sister HennyLynn then it became one of the nicknames I gave my sister so it woulda been weird naming my daughter that.” Ah, yes: a classic case of potential baby name turned nickname (or, a pet name. Unless that’s just me? Ok…seeing myself out now.)

At least Baby Kulture—who recently turned one—still has a name that everyone can get behind. (Unlike some shady siblings!) After all, fans have speculated that Kulture’s name has a deeper meaning other than the name just not “being basic,” as Cardi tweeted last July.

If you think about it, Kulture’s dad Offset is in the hip-hop trio, Migos, who have released albums named Culture (2017) and Culture II (2018). See the correlation? Kulture’s name is the sweetest homage to her father’s creative work. And, yeah: it’s not basic!