Cardi B & Offset’s Romantic Online Exchange Is Totally Grossing Fans Out

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Cardi B has a phenomenal career, and her success can be largely attributed to not giving a flying pig about what anyone thinks. She makes her award-winning music, she makes her Instagram videos and she speaks her mind. But some fans are a little grossed out with Offset and Cardi B’s PDA. The “I Like It” rapper shared some messages between her and her husband online and…it’s a lot. Although that doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, Cardi B has never had a filter and doesn’t seem to have any plans to get one anytime soon. The mom-of-one and the Migos rapper reconciled after a pretty rough period at the end of 2018. Amidst cheating allegations, Offset was ousted. Cardi B lived on her own in December, but after weeks of apologies, the couple decided to try again. And they have truly been inseparable ever since. They had some fire red carpet appearances and a few hysterical memes come out of awards season (remember when Offset looked thirsty AF as his wife performed at the 2019 Grammys. That tongue was OUT). Anyway, some fans feel like this latest post from the “Money” rapper was way more than anyone asked for.

Cardi B shared screenshots of texts with Offset on Instagram. “I love sending romantic text messages to babe,” she wrote. She then later deleted the post, clearing having some doubts about sharing such a personal exchange. But, of course, she deleted it only after it went viral.

“OMG I can’t come on Instagram without worrying what am going to see on my timeline, between Cardi B and 50 Cent is killing me lol,” one Instagram user wrote. Another added, “This is both gross and funny as hell, but no that’s just foul, some things should keep between Y’all.”

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Post and delete. #cardib 🤯😂😂

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We’re guessing Offset looked something like this while re-reading those texts.

She may have deleted the post, but the 26-year-old should know by now—once it’s out there (a text, a tweet, an instagram, etc), you can’t ever get it back. Ted Mosby knows what we’re talking about.

himym Cardi B & Offsets Romantic Online Exchange Is Totally Grossing Fans Out

How I Met Your Mother.