Cardi B and Offset Just Bought a $6 Million Mansion, and It’s Unreal

Maggie Griswold
Cardi B and Offset Just Bought a $6 Million Mansion, and It’s Unreal
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.

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I don’t pretend to know all the intricate details of Cardi B and Offset’s tumultuous relationship, but here’s the thing: They have major cash—or at least enough to close on a huge $6 million home. Cardi B and Offset’s new Atlanta mansion is off the market and in the hands of the rappers. And while it’s not necessarily the giant estate I’d choose for myself if I were a millionaire, it’s pretty damn—pardon my use of this word—swanky. Sweeping over seven acres of land, the mansion is the kind of bougie palace you’d expect Cardi B and Offset to choose. Of course, they shared the entire house on Instagram, because they know what the people want.

Apparently, Cardi B and Offset were searching for a home for two years. I didn’t even realize they’d actually been together enough to consider buying a whole-ass house together, but here we are. Now, they are the proud owners of a mansion. All I can say is that Kulture is about to grow up in the lap of luxury.

During their home tour, Cardi B and Offset showed off pretty much every inch of the house. Please (please) watch their videos, because I was actually transfixed. I guess this is what people who love Youtube celebrities and bloggers feel when their favorite people post videos. I couldn’t look away.

From the his and hers closets that are bigger than my entire Los Angeles apartment to the massive extra room the couple plans to turn into a playroom, this house looks like it’s from the re-make of Dynasty on the CW. (Check out that show if you haven’t—The luxury of it all!) There’s even an entire basement area that Offset wants as his “man cave” (Don’t get me started on that.) and a huge space Cardi B has deemed her “beauty room.” I honestly had no idea the couple spent enough time in Atlanta to put down roots there, but now they have a $6 million home to share with their friends and family. I wouldn’t be surprised if their loved ones started moving to Georgia all of the sudden.

Seriously, words cannot describe how truly wild Cardi B and Offset’s new mansion is. It’s the type of home you see in movies, but don’t realize actually exist. Let’s just hope they continue to get that coin, because I’m sure the mortgage is ridiculous, OKURR.