Cardi B Just Made Mustaches Cool & Warned Girls To Stop Smoking At The Same Time

Kim Wong-Shing
Cardi B
Photo: Shutterstock.

Calling all teenage girls! Cardi B would like a word with you, please. The rapper posted three throwback photos of herself at age 15 as a PSA to stop smoking. Oh, and to poke fun at her younger self’s mustache. Relatable—we think we can all relate to Cardi B’s mustache in these throwback photos.

Cardi B has never had a filter, which is why we love her so much. She’s loud and candid about all the stuff that women are taught to be too shy to talk about—she talks openly about her plastic surgeries and her sex life with her husband, along with literally any other topic that pops into her mind at any given moment.

Recently, Cardi B shared three throwback photos of herself at 15 years old. It’s certainly not the first time that Cardi has shared old photos of herself (let us not forget that unforgettable meme of Cardi as a kid). But this time, her photos came along with a wise PSA to today’s young girls. One of the photos shows her lighting up a cigarette, and she wrote in the caption: “Dear little girls don’t smoke cigarettes or weed trying to look cool for the seniors cause you really gonna grow up and see how dumb you look doing it.” Tell it, Cardi!!!

“Seriously tho what was I thinking?” she continued.

Then she switched the topic to, hello, her mustache! It’s an old fave topic of Cardi’s. “Anyway naaa my mustache was too much,” she joked. At 15 years old, Cardi probably wasn’t removing her ‘stache just yet. Nowadays, she waxes it. But honestly, she seems like she DGAF either way.

Last year, she posted a video on Instagram all about why she doesn’t mind her mustache getting thicker as she gets older—but uh, that video is NOT youth-friendly. “As I get older and I wax more, I noticed that my mustache is getting thicker,” she says in the video. “But it’s cool though because b*tches with mustaches got good p***y.”

OK then! A little random, but you gotta love the mustache positivity.