This Woman Looks Like Cardi B in 40 Years & We’re Obsessed

Cardi B
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A mayor in Illinois looks like Cardi B, and her world changed because of it. This Cardi B look-alike video has summed up the whole experience Allison Madison went through after her mayoral election. Madison is the first female mayor and the first African-American mayor of Mound City, IL. She was already hitting headlines back in 2017, but after an interview, her face went totally viral because fans saw one thing: This woman was Cardi B in 40 years!

When asked back in 2017 what she thought about it all, Madison said, “That’s just awesome to me.. You know? And… I … I guess I’m happy about that!” She had a huge smile on her face and was laughing in the video. Madison thinks that’s the reason people saw a resemblance— because “[Cardi B] normally has her tongue out.” Hah. She’s not totally wrong.

In this generation, someone can become famous overnight—in a good or bad way. (Think the Walmart yodeling kid—64 million-plus views). So when the memes started spreading all over the internet comparing Madison to the Grammy-winning rapper, the new mayor wasn’t sure what to think. “I thought, ‘first of all, where did it come from?’ And then, ‘where is it going?'” she said in a video for BET.

cardi b 40 years meme This Woman Looks Like Cardi B in 40 Years & Were Obsessed

“The first time I saw my face all over the internet I was excited,” Madison continued. “I couldn’t believe it.”

“Here I am in this small town. A housewife. But I’m a mayor… But I’m compared to Cardi B—a rapper, that’s famous, that’s rich. It’s cool! You know? That’s really.. it’s cool!”

It is indeed! And we 100 percent understand the excitement she feels. Not a bad compliment to receive.

And Cardi B responded! While on a radio show, the host asked Cardi B if she had seen the memes.

Cardi B folded her arms—something was coming—and exclaimed, “You know what?” But then she scrunched up her nose and said they weren’t related and said, “I think she from Ohio or something.”

In the YouTube video from BET, Madison clarifies, “No I am not [from Ohio].” Cardi B didn’t seem to see a resemblance, but the radio host pointed out in 40 years she might look like Madison.

Madison says, “If I was going to say anything to Cardi B, I would tell her, ‘You gonna look good in 40 years!'” OK. So we’re totally obsessed with her woman. Her laugh is adorable and she’s so sweet!

Madison says their appearance isn’t the only thing the two women have in common. Cardi B essentially rose up from nothing, and Madison congratulates her on that, saying it’s an important aspect of being a good leader. “To be a good leader you need to have some personal feelings in it. And as far as Cardi is concerned, she does Cardi. She’s not worried about what people think or what they say. She is who she is.”

She then talked about her own challenges. “I’ve had a little adversity, you know, and that comes with the territory. Men don’t like the fact of a woman being over then, the domination.”

“People have a mindset that it’s a man’s world. And it’s not like that,” she added. “There’s qualified women. There’s some very intelligent women. And why stop progress because of the fact that it’s a woman?”


Seriously? If we weren’t in love with this mayor before, we absolutely are now. She is speaking her mind (just like Cardi B says what she feels and thinks). We are huge fans!

If we could, we would give you a high-five, girl!

taylor swift high five This Woman Looks Like Cardi B in 40 Years & Were Obsessed