Cardi B Teaching Kris Jenner How to Say ‘Okurrr!’ Is Everything

Cardi B
Photo: Getty Images

Whether she’s meowing on late-night talk shows or channeling cold, shivering pigeons on Instagram, Cardi B has a language of her own. And though we don’t always understand what she’s saying, we appreciate her effort into putting her own spin on the English language. Now, after Cardi taught her first student, Kris Jenner, how to say her world-known catchphrase, Okurrr!, we’re hoping to sign up for the next class.

The private language lesson occurred at the 2018 Met Gala on Monday night where Cardi, Kris, and her daughter, Kim Kardashian, could be seen practicing their Okurrrs! at an attendees-only area of the museum. In a video from Kim’s Instagram story, Cardi and Kris can be bouncing Okurrrs! back and forth before Kim jumps into the frame with an Okurrr of her own! Needless to say, Kris nailed it.

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Now, it’s not surprising that Kris was such a natural at Cardi’s language. As “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” fans know, the Kardashian-Jenners have been Okurr-ing for years. (It’s practically their signature phrase, next to Bible.) So naturally, their mom would pick up the language sooner or later.

And though we had a feeling that Kris would be a natural at Cardi’s language, we didn’t expect her to pronounce Okurrr! with such spot-on authenticity. The rolling Rs! The high-pitched U! Kris definitely gave Cardi fans a run for their money. Now, which celebrity should take Cardi’s class next?