Cardi B Claps Back at Troll Who Accused Her of Ignoring Sick Kids at the Grammys

Cardi B Claps Back at Troll Who Accused Her of Ignoring Sick Kids at the Grammys
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From her off-the-cuff red carpet interviews to her slay-worthy performance with Bruno Mars, Cardi B was a star at the 2018 Grammy Awards on Sunday night. But not everyone was pleased with her behavior. On Monday, the 25-year-old was slammed and accused by an eyewitness of ignoring and denying selfies to terminally ill children from the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The witness, who stood in a pen behind the children on the red carpet, allegedly watched the “Bodak Yellow” rapper walk past seven Make-a-Wish-Foundation kids, who were invited to the Grammys to meet nominees, and only returned when she was urged by her publicist. The user accused Cardi of using the opportunity for publicity and compared her to other artists who approached the kids on their own accord.

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After hearing the news, Cardi clapped back in a now-deleted social media post, explaining that she didn’t purposefully ignore the kids, but was rushed because she was late for a last-minute performance rehearsal. The “Bartier Cardi” rapper slammed the user for coming at her without all the evidence and warned him to not try her again.

“When white People got nothing to talk about. I keep seeing this shit,” Cardi wrote. “FIRST OF ALL. [I] wasn’t even able to speak to so many outlets and i was extremely rush cause i was late for pre check for performance. Second i did stop and i said hi and i took a pic. IM NOT THAT INDUSTRY BITCH YOU WANNA TRY. I will violate you and in real life as well don’t make me catch your ass again. [I] will crush your shit.”

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Regardless of what the real story is, it’s presumptuous to assume someone’s intentions or behavior based on a short interaction. Cardi might have actually been rushed, and it’s unfair to assume that she was seeking publicity without knowing the full story. Plus, she’s warned trolls multiple times: Don’t come for her.