Cardi B Is Joining The Cast of ‘Fast and Furious 9’ & Wow, We Can’t Wait

Cardi B
Photo: Shutterstock.

If her recent cameos are any indication, the Bronx’s very own La Caldi isn’t stopping her foray into acting any time soon. Now there’s this Cardi B Fast and Furious 9 character hint to get us all excited for her next role. The hotrod, racetrack-filled film series feels like a perfect fit for the spitfire rapper to make an appearance, and after news broke that Cardi will be joining the cast for its ninth (!) installment, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Okurr!

Here’s what we know about this announcement so far. Fans got news of Cardi’s cameo from Fast and Furious’s own head honcho, Vin Diesel. Vinny posted a video on his Instagram page that featured Cardi, of all people, by his side on set. According to his post, the co-stars were at “Day 86” of shooting and just wrapping up filming in the UK. “I know I’m exhausted,” Diesel said. “We all gave every single thing we could for the movie. [We] put it all on the table, all out there.” Sitting to his left, Cardi B was nodding in agreement. “I’m tired!” Cardi joked. “But I can’t wait. I ain’t gonna front, I think this is going to be the best one.” Ok, Cardi! Big claims there, but I can see it.

If her role in Fast 9 is anything like her brief yet striking breakout cameo from the recent Hustlers film featuring fellow Bronxite, Jennifer Lopez, then we’re definitely in for a treat—and, yeah, I’m even inclined to think that her appearance would make this the best Fast and Furious film yet. After all, Cardi’s real life can certainly resemble some of the pomp and circumstance of Fast‘s world. Most recently, the 27-year-old mother to Kulture took an extravagant birthday trip with her hubby, Migo’s Offset. The pictures are luxurious to the umpteenth degree, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Offset’s next birthday present to Cardi will be one of the luxury race cars from the Fast and Furious universe itself.