Cardi B Addressed an Old Video Where She Said She Used to Drug & Rob Men for Money

Cardi B
Photo: Rick Kern/WireImage.

After intense backlash, Cardi B responded to a video where she said she used to “drug” and “rob” men for money. The backlash was in response to a past Instagram live video where the “Bodak Yellow” rapper talked about drugging and robbing men who wanted to have sex with her, while she worked as a stripper in New York City, to make ends meet. “I had to go strip, I had to go, ‘Oh yeah, you want to fuck me? Yeah, let’s go back to this hotel.’ And I drugged n—s up and I robbed them. That’s what I used to do,” she said in the video.

The video was met with intense backlash from many critics who called for Cardi’s cancellation. The video also led to the Twitter hashtag #SurvivingCardiB, a reference to the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, which details the sexual assault accusations against him. Many called for Cardi to be jailed, with some even comparing her to Bill Cosby, who has been accused of drugging his victims.

On Tuesday, March 26, Cardi addressed the video in a statement on her Instagram and Twitter. “I never claim to be perfect or come from a perfect world wit a perfect past I always speak my truth I always own my shit,” part of her statement read. Cardi also pointed out a double standard when it comes to female and male rappers, who are often able to talk about drugs and crimes in their song without criticism. “I never claim to be a angel I always been a street bitch. Ya be glorifying this street rappers that talk and do that grimmey street shit but they can’t stand a street bitch,” Cardi wrote. 

Two days before her statement, Cardi announced on Twitter that she would be taking a social media break. “When they try to cancel me on Twitter and instagram 🤪🤪🤪😊😊😊😊😊😊,” she wrote, followed by another tweet that read: “Okay I’m off Twitter for a few days Have fun.” In a third tweet, Cardi continued, “IM THAT BITCH THEY LOVE TO HATE,IM THAT BITCH THEY HATE TO LOVE ❤️ 😝and I love it 😍🥰🥰”