Cardi B’s Birthday Gift From Offset Is Dripping In Finesse

Kristen Martin
Cardi B
Photo: Shutterstock.

It’s Libra season and Offset is letting it be known that his favorite Libra deserves the world. Cardi B’s diamond ring birthday gift in Offset’s video is dripping in finesse.

On October 11, Cardi B celebrated her 27th birthday with her husband and family. And in true Offset fashion, he showered his wife with diamonds from Pristine Jewelers. Offset literally gave Cardi his heart! The ring is a two-piece band with heart-shaped diamonds all around. And if that’s not enough, there’s a gigantic heart on top that the jeweler refers to as “titanic” obviously because it’s huge!

Offset’s video starts with him putting the diamond ring on Cardi’s hand. She sings, “I deserve [this],” and her loved ones are gathered in awe of the beauty, ending with the happy birthday song. His caption reads: “TITANIC DIAMOND 💍 💎 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY QUEEN U DESERVE EVERYTHING THAT COME YOUR WAY I LOVE YOU AND OUR FAMILY TOGETHER ♥️.”

Cardi posted a similar video with a clip of her opening the gift. Offset’s hands are covering Cardi B’s eyes to surprise her while a silver platter is handed over. “I’m scared to open it,” she says, “you open it. My heart is beating fast.” The caption in Cardi’s video reads: “Thank you sooo much babe @offsetyrn I can’t believe it 😱Deum @pristine_jewelers ! I’m so happy ❤️Soo grateful.”

The birthday celebration continued at Ocean Prime in New York City where Cardi and her guests enjoyed a seafood and steak spread with a Birkin bag themed cake!

A day after the celebration, Cardi posted a video via Instagram Stories of Offset dancing on their baecation. It seems she brought in her birthday with a shower of lavish gifts and genuine love. There’s no telling how much a ring of such caliber would cost, but for the record, I like dollars, I like diamonds, I like stunting, I like shining, just like you, Cardi!