Cardi B’s Patchwork Denim Outfit Is the Stuff of Trendy Fashion Dreams

Maggie Griswold
Cardi B’s Patchwork Denim Outfit Is the Stuff of Trendy Fashion Dreams
Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

We all remember the 2001 American Music Awards, when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears shocked all of America by wearing matching all-denim outfits. And in 2014, Katy Perry paid homage to the iconic look in a patchwork all-denim strapless dress. Well, it’s 2019, and another gauntlet has been thrown into the fire. On Tuesday, Cardi B wore a patchwork denim outfit that rivals—if not one-ups—all Canadian tuxedos to come before her.

The rapper posted a photo of herself on Instagram sporting a patchwork Canadian tuxedo with—get this—a literal matching denim bra. When we say she was wearing an all-denim look, we mean an all-denim look. We can’t vouch for the supportive factor of the bra, but we’re definitely in awe. The denim outfit was made up of Dolce & Gabbana patchwork mid-rise jeans and a patchwork denim jacket (plus a Namilia denim bra, of course). Cardi B’s heels matched the ensemble in color—as did her eye shadow—and her bright pink nails offered a vibrant pop of difference to the outfit. We’re not saying Cardi B’s denim look is more iconic than Britney Spears’, but that’s also kind of exactly what we’re saying.

And, in true Cardi B fashion, the new mom posted a video to Instagram later that night proving to us all celebrities are really ~just like us~. The video shows Cardi B sitting in the car with her patchwork jeans halfway down, talking about how they were too tight to sit in. With great fashion moments come great sacrifice—and Cardi B is bearing the brunt of said sacrifice to make our lives better, brighter and more interesting.

Then, toward the end of the video, Cardi B warns the viewer to be careful of tight pants for risk of yeast infection. Clearly this whole mom thing is doing wonders for her medical wisdom. I mean, we’d totally watch a show where Cardi B gives us health advice. What could go wrong?