Cardi B Clapped Back at an Instagram Troll Who Came for Her Sister

Cardi B Clapped Back at an Instagram Troll Who Came for Her Sister
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Like she raps on “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B makes bloody moves, so it’s wise to not come for her. Yet that idea is still lost on many Instagram trolls who still try to bring her down—or even worse, try to bring down her little sister, Hennessy Carolina.

On Thursday, Hennessy posted a slay-worthy Instagram picture of her modeling her new Fashion Nova bodysuit. Like the proud big sis she was, Cardi flooded Hennessy’s comments with fire and heart emojis, but not everyone felt the same. One user, who had a problem with Hennessy pimping out her 1.7 million followers for brand deals, called her out for it. The user accused Hennessy of recruiting fake followers and slammed her for thinking that she was famous for being related to Cardi.

“She really think she famous cause her sister is lmao,” the user wrote. “This bitch irks have 1 milli followers but you not verified cause most of ya followers fake #fuckingfraud.”

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Not having an anonymous troll on the internet talk smack about her sister, Cardi went into the comments to shut them down. The “Bartier Cardi” rapper slammed the user for coming for Hennessy when she was just trying to “stay in her lane.” Cardi also shut down the user’s accusation that Hennessy is trying to get verified on Instagram by claiming that she makes more than $50,000 a month in sponsored deals, so a blue check mark was nothing in comparison.

“When did she ever felt like she famous?” Cardi wrote. “My sister don’t even like fame cause you motherfuckers just be judging and poppin shit she just like to stay in her lane…You talking about a verified check? Are you kidding me my sister makes over 50k a month and you think bitch is worry about a blue check?”

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We hope that troll now knows to stay far away from Cardi and Hennessy’s Instagrams. Word to the wise: Listen to Cardi B’s lyrics because she is not afraid to clap back if you come for her or her family.