Cardi B Just Wore A Sexy Skirt Made Of…Necklaces?

Bella Gerard
Cardi B Just Wore A Sexy Skirt Made Of…Necklaces?
Photo: The MEGA Agency.

Can someone please explain to me Cardi B’s beaded skirt? Don’t get me wrong—I don’t hate it, I just have so, so many questions. The singer is known for bold and unexpected looks, but with our 2020 calendars all but wiped clean, she hasn’t had the opportunity to slay in a hot minute. Luckily, she can always use Instagram to flex on us in a new ‘fit, and today she did just that.

Cardi is no stranger to showing off her bum on the Internet, but her latest look is above and beyond. Dare I call it a booty necklace? A beaded whale tale? Whatever it is, it’s definitely revealing, and she definitely wanted us to know. “Body and back fat,” she captioned a close-up video of her ensemble. In it, she moves her hips and struts so the beads move, serving us a healthy dose of body and ASMR.

Even though the video was blurry AF, there’s no denying how hot Cardi looks, nor how weird this damn skirt really is. Can we really even call it a skirt? If I had to guess, my money’s on Mugler, but the singer didn’t share who designed it. Maybe it was made to be paired with a slip, or maybe one’s butt is ~supposed to~ peak through like Cardi’s does. At least she’s got some tatts to offer a little extra coverage!

This will definitely be one of those “love it or hate it” looks, and while I don’t really understand it, I do really love it. I’ve been wearing sweats for the past nine months—I need fashionistas like Cardi to remind me how to serve!

In conclusion, Cardi has the ‘Gram going up on a Tuesday, all for some beaded booty necklaces. Now, excuse me while I raid the bead aisle at Michael’s and start DIYing my own version. Thanks for the idea, Cardi!

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