I’d Like to Say Hi to Cardi B’s Sparkly Bodycon Dress and Cardi B’s Sparkly Bodycon Dress *Only*

Maggie Griswold
I’d Like to Say Hi to Cardi B’s Sparkly Bodycon Dress and Cardi B’s Sparkly Bodycon Dress *Only*
Photo: Michael Buckner/Variety/Shutterstock.

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Hello, and happy Friday to one person and one outfit only: Cardi B and her sparkly bodycon dress. Look, I’m not in the habit of playing favorites (OK, maybe I am.), but there are some days when an outfit just speaks to you, helps you realize your goals and gives you the strength to get through the day. Right now, that just happens to be Cardi B’s ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards ensemble. It’s like the rapper woke up the day of the awards, immediately called her stylist and said, “Get me a sparkly bodycon dress ASAP, because that’s exactly what Maggie needs today, OKURRR.” An unlikely reality, maybe, but one in which I’m happy to dwell for now, as long as I get to admire this sparkly, sparkly ensemble.

Imagine every single bottle of glitter in existence on this planet being poured onto the silhouette of one ultra-tight dress, and that dress was then carefully placed onto Cardi B’s body. That’s what Cardi B’s recent red carpet look basically is, and I’m beyond (beyond) here for it. The ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards red carpet was on Thursday night, but this sparkly bodycon dress has Saturday night energy, baby. It’s the kind of dress that never stops dancing—even long after last call. It’s Barbie meets Los Angeles night life meets the glitter section at Michaels craft store. This sparkly bodycon dress is a dream and a half, and exactly the kind of vibe we all need going into the weekend.

Cardi B ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards

Michael Buckner/Variety/Shutterstock.

Of course, because Cardi B would never stop at just wearing an incredible ensemble, she also took home the Songwriter of the Year award from the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards. This living legend can’t be stopped, and I dare anyone to try. (Please do not actually try to stop Cardi B’s success, though!!) A true rapper queen, may Cardi B forever reign.