Cara Delevingne Designs A Skateboard (With Her Naked Body On It)

Meghan Blalock
cara delevingne skateboard 2

Image Courtesy W Hotels

We can’t get enough of British beauty and It-model Cara Delevingne these days, whether she’s allegedly getting caught with drugs, wearing $68,000 dresses, or being forced to choose between BFFs Rihanna and Rita Ora. Clearly, she can’t enough of herself either, as she’s just adorned a skateboard with her own naked image.

Okay fine, the board is in partnership with W Hotels to raise funds for the youth foundation Stoked, but fashion photags Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott still shot the model completely nude, floating in a pool of water, and looking as brooding as ever. The model then took to the image with red lipstick-inspired font and added a touch of her own graffiti: “Cara Love NYC.” (Grammar, much?)

“I love this shot by Mert & Marcus, and I also love New York,” Cara says in a release. “And when I put the two together I realized it became a play on the classic slogan, ‘I <3 NY.’ Perfect!”

Here’s the best part: you can buy one of these skateboards. Kickflipping on Cara’s naked body will run you $500; but, hey, it’s for a good cause!

Head to to shop her board now.

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