Cara Delevingne Claims She Was Sexually Harassed by Harvey Weinstein

Cara Delevingne Claims She Was Sexually Harassed by Harvey Weinstein
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Cara Delevingne is the latest woman to come forward accusing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. The 25-year-old actress detailed her harrowing story on Instagram on Wednesday, where she revealed that the The Weinstein Company founder tried to kiss her and force her into a threesome when she was starting out in the business.

Delevingne began by alleging that Weinstein called her years ago asking her “odd and uncomfortable” questions about her sexuality. She claimed that the producer asked her if she “had slept with” any of the women she was publicly photographed with. Delevingne also says Weinstein warned her about publicly coming out, telling her that she would “never get the role of a straight woman or make it as an actress” if people knew she was gay.

A couple years later, Delevingne said she met with Weinstein in the lobby of a hotel to discuss an upcoming movie part. She recalled similar levels of discomfort when, after the film’s director left Weinstein and Delevingne alone, the producer “began to brag about all the actresses he had slept with and how he had made their careers.” The actress added that Weinstein also discussed “other inappropriate things of a sexual nature.”

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According to Delevingne, the meeting eventually led to Weinstein inviting Delevingne up to his hotel room, a request she “quickly declined.” She then asked Weinstein’s assistant if her car was ready so she could leave. After a nudge from Weinstein’s assistant and learning that her car wouldn’t be ready “for a bit,” Delevingne reluctantly agreed. “At that moment I felt very powerless and scared but didn’t want to act that way hoping that I was wrong about the situation,” she wrote.

When she entered the suite, Delevingne recalled a moment of relief seeing another women in the room. The relief was short-lived when Weinstein requested the two women kiss. When the other women started approaching Delevingne, the actress said she “swiftly got up”and began singing to change the course of the situation. “I swiftly got up and asked him if he knew that I could sing,” Delevingne wrote. “And I began to sing….I thought it would make the situation better….more professional….like an audition….I was so nervous.”

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After finishing her song, Delevingne told the producer that she needed to leave and headed for the door, which is when Weinstein allegedly blocked the exit and attempted to kiss her. “He walked me to the door and stood in front of it and tried to kiss me on the lips,” she wrote. “I stopped him and managed to get out of the room.” Despite being eventually cast in the film, Delevingne said she always harbored guilt that she “didn’t deserve the part.” “I still got the part for the film and always thought that he gave it to me because of what happened,” she wrote. “Since then I felt awful that I did the movie. I felt like I didn’t deserve the part.”

Fearing that she would hurt Weinstein’s family or that she had done something wrong, Delevingne remained quiet about the incident for years. She was also afraid that other women in the industry had faced similar harassment—a worry that was strengthened recently after dozens of women came forward alleging Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault. “I was so hesitant about speaking out….I didn’t want to hurt his family,” Delevingne wrote. “I felt guilty as if I did something wrong. I was also terrified that this sort of thing had happened to so many women I know but no one had said anything because of fear.”

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In a second Instagram post, Delevingne urged followers who have faced similar experiences to speak out. “I want women and girls to know that being harassed or abused or raped is NEVER their fault and not talking about it will always cause more damage than speaking the truth,” she wrote.

Delevingne also recalled her relief in sharing her own story and expressed her pride in other women who have bravely come forward with accounts of sexual harassment or assault. “In every industry and especially in Hollywood, men abuse their power using fear and get away with it,” she wrote. “This must stop. The more we talk about it, the less power we give them. I urge you all to talk and to the people who defend these men, you are part of the problem.”

Read Delevingne’s full account of the incident, below.