This Artist Recreated Cara Delevingne’s Face Using Snack Food

Kristen Bousquet
Photo via Telegraph UK

Photo via the Telegraph

And just when you thought you’d seen it all, Welsh food artist, Nathan Wyburn, is here to prove you wrong. This guy has one unusual hobby on his hands: Recreating celebrity faces—with crackers.

According to Telegraph UK, Jacob’s—a British snack-food company that sells Mini Cheddars, Twiglets, and Cream Crackers—reached out to the artist to create stencil artworks of British model, Cara Delevingne, for a one-night-only exhibition in London Tuesday night. He used Jacob’s Cream Crackers to recreate the model’s face.

Wyburn is from South Wales and studied Fine Arts in college, and he became a star on the web when he posted a video online of himself recreating Simon Cowell’s face using Marmite on toast.

Aside from Cara, Wyburn also has created salty food portraits of Kate Moss, Kate MiddletonHarry Styles, David Bowie and Cheryl Cole.

Head over to the Telegraph now to see them all!