Watch: Cara Delevingne Stars In Chanel’s Weird New Fashion Film

Meghan Blalock

To be perfectly frank, Chanel’s new fashion film is so weird that it’s cool.

“Sorry, only girls are invited this evening,” is the first line of the short, which highlights the brand’s Fall/Winter 2013 pre-collection, and stars—who else?—fashion’s current It-model, Cara Delevingne.

The ladies-only party turns out to be a film screening of Karl Lagerfeld’s newest creation, for which the all-girl guest list arrive in their chicest Chanel ensembles. They mingle and chatter as denizens continue to arrive, and Lagerfeld rambles in French. All the while, creepy ambient noise is playing in the background, and the camera lens adopts a fish eye effect, making everyone look a bit distorted and surreal.

Cara’s main part comes at about 3:22 in, when we see her sitting amongst fellow models, holding a tiny doll in Lagerfeld’s image and muttering something about “being in control,” right before the feature presentation begins. Okay…

Watch the bizarrely intriguing film above, and let us know what you think!

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