Cara Delevingne Talks How She & Ashley Benson Fell In Love—Adorable

Cara Delevingne
Photo: GP Images/Getty Images.

Cara Delevingne remains a largely private person, at least when it comes to relationships. Now, though, she is “baring it all” for Marie Claire’s September issue (literally and figuratively). Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson’s relationship details are in this interview, including how the two ladies initially fell in love. And guess what? They weren’t looking for it. Isn’t that how it always happens? The minute you stop watching that pot boil, it will. If all you want is a relationship, you probably won’t find it. Until the moment you decide you’re happy with yourself and content in just living life and enjoying the wild ride! Well, now we know a little bit more about the timeline of Benson and Delevingne’s adorable romance.

The two women met in early 2018 on the set of Alex Ross Perry’s Her Smell. But falling in love wasn’t either one of the women’s plan, it just sort of happened. “We weren’t looking for it,” Delevingne explained. “It was really just very authentic and natural.” The model then went into a bit of detail on her sexuality, and how she spent a long time ignoring or denying her attraction to women. She explained that she “didn’t want to feel different, even though from an early age [she] always felt [she] didn’t belong.” But now, she’s found a bit more solid ground and is proud of her decisions as well as what she stands for.

“I’m not just talking about sex for sex,” she said. “I’m talking about experience, whether it’s abuse or confusion, positive or negative.” When she was 14, her mother opened up a dialogue about the topic. “My mom decided to tell me that Father Christmas wasn’t real. And in the same conversation, she said, ‘By the way, let’s talk about the birds and the bees.’ I was like, ‘This timing is terrible.’”

But Delevingne and Benson definitely seem happy. Though the couple continues to keep their relationship relatively under wraps, they do have some social media presence.