Car Sex is Still Very Much a Thing, According to a New Survey

car sex study
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Sex in 2016 may have evolved to include high-tech trends like vibrators controlled by your smartphone and booty calls secured via apps, but some things never change—and sex in a car is one of them. From classic movies like “Titanic” to super-current TV shows like “Girls,” people having sex—oral, anal, vaginal—just never seems to get old. That’s what a recent study published in The Journal of Sex Research proved. (Isn’t science great?)

Psychology researchers at the University of South Dakota surveyed more than 700 women and men at a small Midwestern university and found that more than half—59.5 percent of women and 61 percent of men—had had sex in a parked car. And 14 percent of those who did have car sex actually lost their V-cards in a car, which we weren’t surprised by, given how many stories we’d already heard from women who told us about how they lost their virginities. Hint: Cars were a common theme.

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When it came to the most recent type of car sex participants had, the majority of participants were “with a serious but non-cohabiting romantic partner in the back seat of a standard car parked out in the country.” Makes sense: Privacy during car sex is key (unless you’re about the exhibitionist thrill). Having sex in parked cars was also likelier to happen between people who were dating, rather than just casually hooking up—which is a little surprising, given that if you’re having regular sex with someone, you’ve probably figured out where you can make that happen by now. Still, these are students in the Midwest, so parking in a field somewhere might be more appealing than asking your roommate to leave your dorm room so you can get it on.

While a small portion of participants—4.3 percent of women and 2.5 percent of men—revealed the disturbing fact that the car sex they’d had was out of coercion, the researchers reported that car sex was generally a good time for people who had it. “Despite discomfort, body bumps, and risk of being caught, sex while parked was primarily a positive sexual and romantic experience for both men and women,” they wrote. Romantic? Not so sure about that—but keep having fun, kids; just don’t forget the condom (according to the survey, only 58.2 percent of couples wrapped up).

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