Capricorn, Your September Horoscope Paints You As A Social Butterfly

Roya Backlund
Capricorn, Your September Horoscope Paints You As A Social Butterfly
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Embrace your inner explorer, because this month, you’re going on so many adventures! In fact, your Capricorn September 2021 horoscope begins with an opportunity for you to embrace spontaneity and wisdom. As a new moon sparkles in your open-minded ninth house on September 6, you’ll feel ready to be whisked away to a magical place. This new moon is about seeing things differently and being open to change!

Your social life is feeling just as blessed this month. After all, Venus enters your 11th house of community on September 10, helping you reconnect with your friends, get to know new people and expand your network. This month, you may be unleashing your social butterfly and remembering your ability to enchant a room. Remember that platonic love can lift your spirits just as brilliantly as romantic love!

You may even be able to turn some of your new contacts into business opportunities. As Mars activates your 10th house of career on September 14, you’ll navigate the month with more ambition and authority over the direction in which your life is moving. This energy could help you fight for that promotion your deserves, bring your best to a job interview or even launch a social media campaign that rocks the world!

Some fascinating news could land in your lap by September 20. This is when the full moon will radiate power throughout your third house of communication, which could bring some game-changing messages to your inbox. It may even inspire you to tap into your voice and speak your truth in a way you’ve never done before!

Once Libra season begins on September 22, your career will take the center stage and your accomplishments will shine all on their own. However, by September 23, you may experience some uneasiness within your relationships. As Venus opposes Uranus, there may be an unexpected shift in your social group as well as in your love life. If something abruptly stops working, trust that you’re merely freeing yourself up for an even more powerful set of bonds.

Although you’re spending the month marching toward toward your goals, Mercury retrograde could through a few wrenches into the mix by September 27. This retrograde has the power to reveal what’s not working in your career and how you can finally put stagnant and stressful situations to rest. Let it all go so you can work from a clean slate!

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