Capricorn, Your October Horoscope Predicts A Hella Ambitious Month

Roya Backlund
Capricorn, Your October Horoscope Predicts A Hella Ambitious Month
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You’re famous for being one of the most ambitious signs in all the zodiac, Capricorn! This month, you’re zeroing in on your goals and climbing your way up the ladder, because the sun is in your 10th house of career and your Capricorn October 2020 horoscope is all about coming out on top.

While your focus may be on proving your talent and sharpening your abilities, you’re also learning that success at work isn’t the only thing that matters. When a full moon lands in your fourth house of home and family on October 1, you’ll realize that without nurturing love and compassion in your personal life, it won’t matter whether or not you get your dream job. In the end, what matters is what awaits you when you get home!

With a deeper understanding of your heart guiding the way, you’ll set your sights on something big, especially when a new moon takes place on October 16. Shoot for the moon and don’t even worry about landing amongst the stars—this month, you’ll make it to the moon, Cap!

Regardless of what kinds of goals you’re setting, this month will be an adventure. Venus sashays into your ninth house of expansion on October 2, inspiring you to meet people who are nothing like you, embrace cultures that differ from your own and enjoy just how big the world truly is. There’s always something new to discover! And when Venus later enters your 10th house of career on October 27, it’ll provide you even more support as you overcome any obstacles standing in the way of your accomplishments.

However, you may find yourself at odds with others when Mercury stations retrograde in your 11th house of community on October 16. This might leave you feeling like you’re not in sync with your social circle, but you can use it as an opportunity to discover what you truly need from the people you surround yourself with. When Mercury retrogrades back into your 10th house of social status on October 27, you may experience bumps in the road as you fight to stay motivated about what lies ahead. Try to look at your goals from a new perspective and see if that reignites your fire.

A full moon in your rejuvenating fifth house of creativity and pleasure concludes the month on October 31. This will remind you to infuse your plans with fun and to take a more artistic approach to what you’re working so hard for. Life is meant to be enjoyed, Capricorn! Remember that.


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