Capricorn, Your November Horoscope Says You’re Hella Popular This Month

Roya Backlund
Capricorn, Your November Horoscope Says You’re Hella Popular This Month
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You’re networking like a champ this month, Capricorn! After all, your Capricorn November 2021 horoscope begins with a new moon that will encourage you to expand your list of contacts. Taking place on November 4, this new moon will initiate a new beginning in your 11th house of community, encouraging you to join forces with people who support you and share your vision.

By November 5, you may be surprised by the way people are flocking to you like moths to a flame! As Venus enters Capricorn, it’s bringing out your beauty, making you feel even more desirable and attractive than usual. Embrace all the extra attention you’re getting—and as Mercury activates your social 11th house, your ability to work a room and tap into that popularity will serve you well. Your powers of persuasion are high this month, so why not inspire others to care about causes that matter to you?

However, group endeavors raise the stakes by November 10. As Mercury and Mars form a conjunction, you may find that your desire to lead others is giving you tunnel vision. There’s no need to rush the process, because great things take time! As this conjunction squares off with Saturn, you may feel even more inflexible and stubborn about your ideas. Remember to consider the opinions of others; being cooperative and staying open-minded will always help you see the full picture.

By November 12, you’ll be in a beautiful position to solve problems and ease tensions others as the sun forms a trine with Neptune. This will help you set your ego aside and see things from an outside perspective. Remember—being a great leader has everything to do with your ability to relate to others!

By November 19, you may feel startled by what you suddenly feel passionate about. As a lunar eclipse sends truth to your fifth house of creativity and romance, there may be a sudden shift in your feelings. This shift could feel just as inspiring as terrifying, so remember to take it slow!

By the time Sagittarius season begins on November 21, you may find yourself craving quiet and introspection. As the sun enters your spiritual 12th house, it will enhance your dreamworld, tap into your imagination and encourage you to meditate on your innermost feelings. Don’t underestimate your deepest power, Cap!

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