Capricorn, Your May Horoscope Is All About Creativity & Romance

Roya Backlund
Capricorn, Your May Horoscope Is All About Creativity & Romance
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May is an incredibly fun and creatively rejuvenating month for you, Capricorn! But it’s also a month during which you’ll get your head in the game, because your Capricorn May 2021 horoscope is encouraging you to rethink your daily routine and self-care regimens. After all, as of May 8, both Mercury and Venus will have entered your productive and practical sixth house, encouraging you to make more mindful decisions as you work on using your time and energy more wisely.

However, when the new moon takes place on May 11, it could spark a creative idea that takes your world by storm. Don’t deny your inner artist! You should also embrace the romantic side of your personality, because this new moon could be the beginning of a love story for the ages. Prepare to feel much more social and connected to your local community by May 13, when Jupiter will sweep through your third house of communication and tap into your desire to get to know others, speak your mind and learn new things.

That romantic and creative energy will reach another peak by May 17, when the sun forms a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Don’t overthink the process, because all you’re really meant to do right now is have fun! Embracing your need for pleasure could transform you more than you realize. However, this fun is not without its protective boundaries; on May 19, Venus forms a trine with Saturn in your grounded second house, lowering the chaos and the drama in your love life and helping you infuse your relationships with practicality and strength.

Your well-being will really come into question when Gemini season begins on May 20. You may even find yourself undergoing some pretty intense healing by the time the lunar eclipse takes place on May 26. Repressed emotions may arise when you least expect them, letting you know that you might not be as “over” something as you thought you were. Give yourself a chance to actually feel what you’re feeling.

You may feel all kinds of disorganized by the time Mercury retrograde begins on May 29. After all, Mercury retrograde will send its confusion directly toward your day-to-day activities, which may leave you feeling temporarily uninspired by your usual tasks. This is your chance to switch things up and experiment with new techniques, Cap!

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