Capricorn, Your June Horoscope Wants You to Focus On Self-Care

Roya Backlund
Capricorn, Your June Horoscope Wants You to Focus On Self-Care
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If you’re struggling to keep up with your work and daily responsibilities, cut yourself some slack. Your Capricorn June 2021 horoscope begins with Mercury retrograding through your sixth house of work and health, which could leave you feeling totally drained. Let this transit show you what to focus on at this time instead of forcing your attention elsewhere. Friends and lovers may help you figure things out, especially as Venus enters your seventh house of partnerships on June 2. This will increase your desire to establish deep connections with individual people in your life and leave others feeling attracted to your energy.

However, as the solar eclipse blasts through your productive sixth house, it may guide you toward new rituals and projects that help you build a deeper sense of strength in your life. It may be time to commit to a healthier diet and fitness regime. It may even be time to take a break from that workaholic life and take more care of yourself, Cap!

As Mars enters your strategic eighth house on June 11, you may start to notice that your intuition and your eyes for deeper truths are working more powerfully than ever before. This is a powerful time to delve beneath the surface, both in your career and in your own journey towards self-empowerment. In fact, a creative breakthrough may be struggling against you by June 14. This is when Saturn will square off with Uranus, which may leave you feeling nervous about sacrificing stability for your own artistic dreams. Which is more important to you?

When Cancer season begins on June 20, your social life will erupt with excitement (and so will your love life, wink wink). In fact, by June 21, you may be breaking through fears surrounding your ability to communicate deeply and truthfully as Venus forms a trine with Neptune. Your compassion could help you become much closer to someone else. When Mercury stations direct on June 22, you’ll become far more reliable in your ability to stick to your plans and get work done.

Conflict may cause complications in your relationships by June 23, when Venus opposes Pluto. If you’re disagreeing with someone you need to maintain harmony with, working through your differences could strengthen your respect for one another. When the full moon rises in Capricorn on June 24, you may embrace new revelations about who you are. Your image of yourself may be shifting, but let it embolden you, Cap!

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