Capricorn, Your July Horoscope Says You’re Ready To Come Clean About How You feel

Capricorn, Your July Horoscope Says You’re Ready To Come Clean About How You feel
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Prepare to feel countless emotions this month, Capricorn. After all, your Capricorn July 2022 horoscope predicts a change of heart that opens you up to so many possibilities. As driven Mars enters your creative fifth house on July 5, you may be on the verge of an artistic awakening! However, inspiration is not easy to find, so make sure you show your dedication to the craft. By the end of the month, you’ll see how much practice makes perfect!

As a full moon in Capricorn takes place on on July 13, this month has the potential to be highly transformative! You’ll feel eager to connect with others on both an intellectual and emotional level. If the people surrounding you aren’t able to keep up with you conversationally, you may need to look for ways to expand your social circle and open yourself up to new friendships!

However, watch out for negative influences. Bad vibes and even worse intentions can bring out controlling or possessive behaviors in others, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for such actions within yourself as well as others. Fortunately, you should be able to talk through the issues that have arisen and form a cosmic alliance. Diplomacy will go a long way when Venus enters Cancer on July 17, so be sure you’re giving others the space to truly be heard. Fences should be fully mended by the time Leo season commences on July 22!

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By the end of the month, you’ll be in a beautiful position to celebrate love in all of its forms, so look for ways to connect with your nearest and dearest! On July 28, a new moon in Cancer will light up your seventh house of partnerships, encouraging you to turn over a new leaf with someone you’ve loved (or someone you’re beginning to love). Jupiter will also station retrograde during this time, evoking a significant vibe shift. These cosmic events will increase the emotional intensity over the next couple of days, which can make—or break—your intimate bonds. Odds are that your emotions will be up-and-down, but you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your interpersonal relationships. After all, you love those who are close to you and always want to stand by their side through thick and thin!

The new moon in Cancer will also have an affect on your finances, as you may be taking your financial goals more seriously than ever. Although you’re probably good at budgeting, you should consider investing your money in an IRA. If you’re in doubt about how to go about this, be sure to ask a trusted professional for help. As Uranus joins forces with the North Node of Destiny by July 31, you may be on the verge of turning your passion project into a cash cow! Take your creative efforts seriously, because it may become a central part of your career as a whole.

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