Capricorn, Your Summer 2022 Horoscope Predicts A Life-Changing Romantic Affair

Valerie Mesa
Capricorn, Your Summer 2022 Horoscope Predicts A Life-Changing Romantic Affair
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Summer love is taking on a whole new meaning, because your relationships are taking the center-stage this season! Your Capricorn summer 2022 horoscope predicts so many new lovers and friends. The sun’s shift into Cancer on June 21 is not only energizing and revitalizing your relationship sector, but it will also highlight matters of “give and take”. You may be rethinking your commitments and compromises, and with Venus entering your selfless sixth house the following day, chances are these “agreements” are influencing your routine and shaping your whole life.

Either way, this Venusian transit is bringing abundance and harmony to your daily rituals, so don’t let this sweet pick-me-up go to waste. However, there will be a new moon in Cancer on June 28 bringing new beginnings to the foundation of your one-on-one partnerships, all while challenging you to maintain your independence in the process. On July 5, go-getter Mars will enter your sister-sign Taurus which will, in turn, supercharge your fertile fifth house of authenticity, romance, passion projects and creative musings. Make sure you harness your artistic instincts! Interestingly, Mercury will join the sun in Cancer that same day, which can also suggest the likelihood of a flirtatious exchange or the beginning of a sizzling love affair (perhaps, in the workplace for some of you). Shortly after, there will be a full moon in your Capricorn on July 13, highlighting all the ways you’ve grown over the past few months. Chances are, you’ve changed in some way! 

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Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

With Venus sashaying into Cancer as of July 17, some of you may have an epiphany regarding a significant other in your life. As Venus activates your partnership sector, conversations could start to become more compelling, especially once once Mercury activates your emotionally intense eighth house on July 19. And once Leo season begins July 22, you might feel fully immersed in your own colorful darkness. If August kicks off on a suspicious note, it’s all thanks to the sun’s journey through your transformative eighth house of mergers, shared resources and intimate unions, which has a tendency to bring a certain heaviness to your perspective. Venus will join the sun on August 11, adding a layer of charming seduction to your one-on-one relationships, as well as a desire for passion and closeness. Warning: on the dark side, this Venusian transit could trigger toxicity, especially when it comes to you or a significant other’s desire for affection.

Towards the middle of the month, assertive Mars will begin its pre-retrograde shadow phase in Gemini, so it’s important to be discerning and mindful of what comes up for you regarding your health, work routine and day-to-day rituals, given that similar themes will more than likely come back around during the upcoming Mars retrograde in October. Virgo season begins on on August 22, which means the sun’s journey through your truth-seeking ninth house brings clarity and perspective, some of which could benefit you professionally in the long run. If you see it, you *better* believe it, Capricorn!

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