Capricorn—Your October Horoscope Wants You to Reap the Rewards of All Your Hard Work

Roya Backlund
Capricorn—Your October Horoscope Wants You to Reap the Rewards of All Your Hard Work
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This month, you’re remembering why you work so hard. Your Capricorn horoscope for October 2022 guarantees success as long as you put in the effort! And as Venus opposes Jupiter in your fourth house of home and family on October 1, you’re also reveling in all the many blessings that come with being a provider and a nurturer. Take people under your wing like the protective Capricorn you are, because you’re building a foundation that’s unbreakable.

However, as Pluto retrograde comes to an end on October 8, and with it, arrives a few sobering realizations about who you are and how you influence others. Stationing direct in your first house of the self, this retrograde coming to an end means you’re learning how to wield your power responsibly. If you focus your intense tunnel vision on something unproductive, you may be digging a deeper hole for yourself. By embracing an inner transformation over the course of the past few months, you’ve positioned yourself to start making meaningful changes from here on out.

As a full moon in Aries crash lands into your fourth house of domestic bliss on October 9, you may realize that your comfort zone and family dynamics are evolving. Perhaps you’re welcoming a new family member or moving to a new city. Maybe you’re simply sprucing up your living space and calling your grandmother. Either way, you’re learning a lot about what makes you feel like you belong.

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By the time Venus enters your 11th house of community, friends and networking on October 23, you’ll be in a beautiful position to crowdfund your success and get connected with your outer circle. You may even feel extra smitten about someone who feels like your best friend, prompting you to question whether these feelings are real or a passing fancy. As a solar eclipse in Scorpio rises in your social 11th house on October 25, you embrace a major shift in who you choose to associate with and the people you’re drawn to the most. This eclipse is shining a light on your hope for the future, so don’t underestimate your ability to make a real difference!

As Jupiter retrograde re-enters your third house of communication and local news on October 28, it may start feeling as though you’re starting more conversations than you can keep up with. You may even return to a community project you’ve been dreaming about or you may resume writing that manifesto you’re so eager for the public to see.

However, as Mars retrograde creates discord in your sixth house of work and health on October 30, it’s vital that you don’t push yourself beyond your limit. This retrograde could bring up a fear of not being productive enough, especially if it feels like nothing can cure your exhaustion. This is a powerful time to rethink what you consider a successful day at work, because you shouldn’t have to burn your candle at both ends.

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