Capricorn, Your February Horoscope Focuses In On Finances

Roya Backlund
Capricorn, Your February Horoscope Focuses In On Finances
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It’s time to get grounded, Capricorn. This month, you’re learning how to release chaos and uncertainty, because you Capricorn February 2022 horoscope is encouraging you to prioritize stability. On February 1, a new moon will plant a seed in your abundant second house, helping you set powerful financial goals. However, don’t forget to treat yourself to luxury and surround yourself with beauty! As the sun joins forces with Saturn in Aquarius on February 4, you may realize that you need to rebuild your relationship with money. Don’t let the fear of scarcity or financial loss dictate your self-worth!

Mark February 3 on your calendar, because it’s a date you won’t want to forget. This is when Mercury officially station direct, and because Mercury has been retrograding through Capricorn, you’ve been getting the brunt of its negativity. This shift will energize you, helping you embrace your unique intelligence! And when Mercury joins forces with Pluto in Capricorn on February 11, it will give you the power to assert dominance and authority over any situation. Still, keep in mind that confidence comes from within—not from exerting control.

By February 16, the Full Moon in Leo will demand your attention. As this full moon rushes through your transformative eighth house, it will reveal how much you’ve grown. And if your circumstances no longer mesh with these improvements, you may need a change of scenery. Identify where your frustration is coming from, because it may be deeper than you think.

As Venus and Mars join forces in Capricorn, you’ll feel a surge of electricity rush through your heart. Embrace passion, confidence and self-love, because quite frankly, you’re a bad ass. The world needs to know it!

When Pisces season begins on February 18, you’ll feel ready to share what you know with the world. As the sun moves through your chatty and intellectual third house, it will inspire you to connect, inspire and get your meaning across. By February 28, Venus and Mars will form a trine with the North Node, ending the month on a high note. If you feel like exploring, follow your inner compass! You’re about to discover a new part of yourself in a new place, so step outside your comfort zone.

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