Capricorn, Your December Horoscope Calls For A Total Makeover

Roya Backlund
Capricorn, Your December Horoscope Calls For A Total Makeover
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You’re doing some major soul-searching this month, Capricorn. Embrace it, because your Capricorn December 2021 horoscope begins with a solar eclipse in your 12th house of spirituality. Taking place on December 4, this solar eclipse will encourage you to look within and succumb to any emotions you’ve been holding inside. It may be time to forgive yourself and let go of that anxiety-inducing baggage!

By December 13, you’ll feel a strong need to take it slow and prioritize inner healing. This is when Mars will take a backseat in your 12th house of all things unseen, which could make you feel less interested in achieving outward recognition and more focused on your own mental health. This transit may be a slow-moving time, so give yourself a break and take it easy!

Once a full moon rises in your sixth house of health and routine on December 18, you may get a better understanding of what you need in order to improve your physical wellness. Remember—the body and spirit are always connected.

Once Venus retrograde begins on December 19, it’s important that you treat yourself with compassion. After all, Venus will be in Capricorn, so you’ll feel this retrograde even more intensely! Venus rules over love and beauty, and while this planet is retrograde, it could leave you questioning your appearance and your relationships. You may feel insecure during this time, so double up on the self-love! When Capricorn season begins on December 21, you’ll be rethinking the way you present yourself so that the world sees the new and improved you.

When Venus retrograde meets up with Pluto on December 25, you’ll feel these concerns even more acutely, which could inspire a drastic decision in an attempt to remedy them. You might want to think twice before giving yourself bangs in the bathroom mirror! For now, experimenting with temporary improvements may be a better call, as this retrograde is encouraging you to experiment with ways to express yourself and refine your image.

You’re gearing up for an incredibly social and stimulating 2022! As of December 28, Jupiter will send electricity to your third house of community, tapping into your conversational abilities and encouraging you to learn new things. Embrace your charisma, because it will attract so many admirers!

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