Capricorn, Your August Horoscope Says A Risky Move Just Might Pay Off

Roya Backlund
Capricorn, Your August Horoscope Says A Risky Move Just Might Pay Off
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Tap into your resilience this month, because your Capricorn August 2021 horoscope will help you take control of your power! After all, August begins with a new moon on August 8 that will send magic to your transformative eight house. This new moon is about rethinking your financial investments, your emotional ties and all the ways in which you spend your energy. You may feel scared to detach from something familiar, but the promise of something far more beautiful and worthwhile will help you take a chance on the unknown.

However, miscommunications could make it harder to see where you and your lover are going by August 9. As Venus and Neptune form an opposition, there’s a strong chance that you and someone you care about are taking things out of context and mishearing each other. Remember to be as clear as possible and to listen as intently as you can.

Luckily, some of the confusion should clear up by August 16, when Venus enters your professional 10th house. This transit will help you take yourself and your relationship more seriously. After all, you can’t waste time when you’ve got bigger fish to fry!

By August 18, you may feel a strong desire to expand your universe and create exciting new experiences. As Mercury and Mars join forces in your larger-than-life ninth house, you’ll feel incredibly unsatisfied with monotony and the mundane, prompting you to do something drastically different. Just remember that, while being impulsive and spontaneous can be fun, it can also create a mess if you’re not careful!

You may feel inspired to make a purchase or invest your money into something that really excites you by August 19. As the sun opposes Jupiter, making a smart (potentially risky!) decision with your money could lead you to so much abundance.

However, wait for the revelations that arrive with the full moon on August 22. This full moon will rise in your second house of finances, giving you a better understanding of how you should spend (or save) that excess cash.

Bottom line? Don’t overthink the small stuff, Cap. After all, Virgo season begins on August 22, sending electricity to your ninth house of adventure. The world is so big and you’ve only explored a small corner of it! Embrace a more hopeful perspective and take eye-opening opportunities whenever you can.

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