Capricorn, Your August Horoscope Says It’s Time To Put A Label On Your Situationship

Roya Backlund
Capricorn, Your August Horoscope Says It’s Time To Put A Label On Your Situationship
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Your Capricorn August 2020 horoscope is here and it’s all about personal growth, baby. August begins with the sun in bright, bold Leo, and with the sun in your eighth house of transformation, you may feel like there’s way too much drama for your liking! You’re noticing everything in your life that you’d like to change and it’s motivating you to improve. When Mercury—planet of communication and cognitive function—enters your eighth house on August 4, you’ll uncovering deeper truths, engaging in vulnerable conversations and building up the strength to move on.

Speaking of growth, when the full moon in Aquarius blossoms in the night sky on August 3, you’ll have quite a few revelations about your finances, security and self-worth. Are you building a life marked by stability? Are you relying too much on external forces for validation? These are questions that may be running through your mind. You’re being encouraged to take the time to lay down the groundwork for a reality you can count on, Cap.

It may be time to seal the deal with someone you care deeply about when Venus—planet of love and friendship—enters your seventh house of partnerships on August 7. If you’ve been in and out of a “situationship,” it may be time to finally turn it into an actual relationship! Listen to your heart, Capricorn. Does it seem like you’re both on the same page? Are your needs being met? Talk these things through.

When the new moon in Leo radiates through the universe on August 17, you’re encouraged to let go of what’s no longer serving you and create space for a better life. This may even involve saying goodbye to something you once cared much about, but if you’ve outgrown the past, it’s time to take a step into the future.

This all might sound very serious, but you’re well on on your way to an exhilarating and unforgettable Virgo season, Capricorn! Starting on August 22, Virgo season lights up your ninth house of adventure and expansion, which will feel like a magic carpet ride. Time for days marked by spontaneity, friendships brimming with fascination and a brand new worldview. Enjoy it, Cap.

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