Capricorn, Your April Horoscope Predicts A Very Unexpected Crush

Roya Backlund
Capricorn, Your April Horoscope Predicts A Very Unexpected Crush
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Expect to feel a little more domestic this month, Capricorn. Mercury will activate your emotional fourth house on April 3, which may leave you craving empathetic exchanges and situations with the people you love and trust most in the world. There’s nothing wrong with insulating yourself in a little love and comfort! You may feel somewhat overwhelmed with “real world” responsibilities as Mars squares off with Neptune on April 9, tempting you to avoid difficult conversations and postpone obligations. Basically, your Capricorn April 2021 horoscope makes it clear—this month is all about fun.

When the new moon nurtures your fourth house of home and family as of April 11, you may embark on a new chapter in your personal life. It’s time to deal with all the uncertainties in the most sacred corner of your world. Focus on things like spending more time with close loved ones and redesigning your living space. During this time, you may stumble into some unresolved issues with your family around April 16. Be patient and gentle, but don’t forget to honor and respect your independence at the same time.

Things get way more exciting by the time Venus, Mercury and the sun officially enter your creative and joyful fifth house on April 19. This will inspire you artistically and encourage you to leave your worries behind so that you can experience life more meaningfully. You may even find yourself falling in love during this time, so wait to see if a new crush develops further. In fact, when the Venus-Uranus conjunction blasts through your passionate fifth house, you might find yourself crushing on the last person you ever expected!

Later in the month, you may experience some conflict with the people in your life when Mars charges into your seventh house of partnerships on April 23. Emotions will run high, and if your loved ones are frustrating you, you should make a point not to take the conflict too far, or risk lasting damage to these relationships. Either way, you may come to some serious conclusions about your social life on April 26. The full moon will radiate throughout your 11th house of community, bringing you insight about the way you function in a group setting.

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