See the First Pic of Candice Swanepoel’s Baby!

See the First Pic of Candice Swanepoel’s Baby!

Candice Swanepoel had her baby, and it’s a boy! We already knew that—thanks to a topless Instagram pic captioned as such five months ago—but we didn’t know his name (or that he’d been born) until now. “Life is sweet. 👶🏼Anacan (Anacã) 5th-October -2016,” she posted on Instagram today, alongside the sweetest, cutest, most adorable photo of a newborn baby boy. Who happens to be smiling. Because he was born into a world in which his mom is a supermodel.

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Little Anacã is pretty much guaranteed to a heartbreaker, as his dad, Swanepoel’s fiancé Hermann Nicoli, is a Brazilian model. The pair has been together for 10 years, since Swanepoel was 17, and she has called him “meu eterno namorado” on Instagram (“my eternal love”). Congratulations to the happy couple!

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