Cancer, Your September Horoscope Predicts A Hot & Heavy Love Life

Roya Backlund
Cancer, Your September Horoscope Predicts A Hot & Heavy Love Life
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This month, you should call up some old friends and see how they’re doing! After all, your Cancer September 2021 horoscope begins with a powerful opportunity for communication. The new moon on September 6 activates your chatty and intellectual third house, encouraging you to embrace the exchange of information that comes with having stimulating, vibrant conversations.

This month, things are getting hot and heavy in your love life! As of September 10, Venus will slip into some lingerie and slide into your romantic fifth house. This is the most passionate time of the year for you, gifting your heart with love, poetry and music! This is a beautiful time to reignite the flame in your relationship or fall in love with someone new.

By September 14, Mars will enter your fourth house of home and family, pushing you to pour your energy into your living space and your loved ones. You may start feeling more passionate about your home and more inspired to make it your own. However, this may also reveal hidden conflicts in your personal life, so tread lightly.

A full moon on September 20 will open up your entire perspective. This lunar event will feel like a magic carpet ride thanks to the fact that it activates your ninth house of adventure. Embrace spontaneous opportunities that slide your way and let go of your instinct to judge a situation before you fully understand it. There’s so much to learn!

Once Libra season begins, you’ll be tempted to embrace the hermit life and spend more time at home where you feel safest. Your emotional side will blossom like a flower, opening you up to sensitivity and empathy. However, there may be unexpected developments that confound your love life once Venus opposes Uranus on September 23. Remember—you can’t control the way another person feels, but you can make decisions on behalf of yourself!

As Mercury retrograde stirs the pot in your fourth house of roots and ancestry on September 27, you may face some uncomfortable facts surrounding your upbringing and family dynamic. It’s time to air out the dirty laundry and talk about how you’re truly feeling! It may just bring you and your loved ones that much closer

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