Cancer, Your November Horoscope Wants You To Couple Up

Roya Backlund
Cancer, Your November Horoscope Wants You To Couple Up
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Get excited! Your Cancer November 2021 horoscope is brimming with passion, romance and so much creativity. After all, on November 4, a new moon will glimmer in your fifth house of self-expression. This could lead to so many fascinating developments in your love life, but it could also be the artistic awakening you’ve been waiting for. Start doing your magic!

Things will get even more interesting by November 5. As Venus enters your seventh house of partnerships, you may find that some of your relationships are becoming more emphasized and significant. It may be a beautiful time to join forces with someone, because compatibility is calling your name! And as Mercury enters your romantic fifth house, your ability to flirt and make people laugh will skyrocket, leaving everyone enchanted by your words.

Even if you’re feeling totally in love, taking it slow may be the right move. By November 10, the Mercury-Mars conjunction will create tons of passion, tapping into your desires and encouraging you to fall head over heels. But as this conjunction squares off with Saturn, it may feel like something is blocking you from getting what you want. Remember—if someone truly wants to be with you, they will find a way to make it work!

It may feel easier to see the big picture by November 12. As the sun forms a trine with Neptune, you may feel ready to embrace a more open-minded perspective of love. Romance can unfold in all sorts of different ways! Being more flexible in your understanding will only lead to even more love.

However, by November 19, you may feel stumped by some major shifts in your social life. As the lunar eclipse rushes through your 11th house of community, your relationship with your group of friends may change. Luckily, you’re also opening yourself up to make all sorts of new friends in the process!

All the passion of Scorpio season gives way to a productive Sagittarius season as of November 21. As the sun moves into your diligent sixth house of routine, you may feel inspired to get to work—your goals aren’t going to accomplish themselves! Set a plan into motion and bring your A game.

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