Cancer, Your March Horoscope Is About Leaving Your Comfort Zone Behind

Roya Backlund
Cancer, Your March Horoscope Is About Leaving Your Comfort Zone Behind
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Your Cancer March 2022 horoscope is filled with adventure, and you’ll have to work hard to keep up with the spontaneity! After all, the month begins with a chance of a lifetime—on March 2, the New Moon in Pisces will start a new chapter in your ninth house of wisdom and expansion. Prepare to be pulled down the path toward something new, because you’re feeling so inspired by your quest for the truth.

In fact, your relationships could also take a major turn by March 3, when Venus and Mars join forces with Pluto in Capricorn. This will encourage you to embrace depth in your heart, especially as you learn how to let someone in without disrespecting each other’s boundaries.

By March 5, you may feel fully immersed in the present moment. This is when the sun joins forces with Jupiter in Pisces, which could mark the moment that you stumble into a powerful revelation about where you want to go and how you should live your life. Get the most out of it, because you only live once! And by March 13, your travels and explorations could lead you to a powerful spiritual awakening—as the sun joins forces with Neptune in Pisces, you may discover a truth that brings you closer to understanding your true purpose.

By March 18, the Full Moon in Virgo will spice things up in your third house of communication, encouraging you to focus on details you may be overlooking. A powerful conversation could take place, especially if you’re willing to speak your mind freely. And when the sun enters Aries on March 20, it will activate your ambitious 10th house, prompting you to zero in on the career goals that are nonnegotiable. Quit chasing pipe dreams and start focusing on the real thing!

As the month comes to a close, you may feel the weight of what’s come and gone. When Venus joins forces with Saturn in Aquarius on March 28, it could reveal the unfinished business that’s still plaguing your overall life. It may be time to finally let something go, so remember—letting go is a process filled with ups and downs.

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