Cancer, Your June Horoscope Says You’re Being Crowned Summer Royalty

Roya Backlund
Cancer, Your June Horoscope Says You’re Being Crowned Summer Royalty
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You’re stepping into a whole new you, Cancer! Embrace an exciting transition, because your Cancer June 2022 horoscope says you’re on the verge of attaining greatness. As Mercury retrograde comes to an end on June 3, you’re experiencing the full potential of Mercury electrifying your 11th house of community with nothing to hold it back. You have the power to connect with people on a grand-scale, maybe even across the entire media, so start sharing the message.

In fact, once Venus joins forces with Uranus in your networking 11th house on June 11, you may feel a jolt of excitement spreading across the entire social-sphere. It’s time to connect with people who truly get even your quirkiest ideas; people who support the strangest layer of yourself. As Mercury enters your spiritual 12th house on June 13, you’re doing a deep-dive into your psyche, so hold your breath as you explore the deepest trenches of your inner mind. Don’t be shocked if you have a psychic experience!

However, once the full moon in Sagittarius showers its insight across your sixth house of physical wellbeing on June 14, you may feel jerked away from your reverie and steeped jarringly into reality. Don’t forget to take care of your health and to set aside enough rest to keep you productive.

STYLECASTER | New Moon in Cancer

Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Don’t resist the work, because it’s all leading up to a beautiful tipping point. On June 21, the sun will brighten and bloom in your first house of the self as Cancer season takes effect. Embrace the fullest expression of yourself and don’t be afraid to make alterations to your hair! As Venus enters your subliminal and secretive 12th house on June 22, you may feel more like keeping the best behind closed doors. After all, evil eye is a real thing, so don’t expose yourself to it for too long!

However, you won’t want to stay all cooped up for long. As the sun in Cancer squares off with Jupiter in your ambitious 10th house, you may feel like making a grand entrance and showing the world a loud and proud side of yourself. Feed into your urge to be a bit of a show off! As a new moon in Cancer turns the page on June 28, you will be ready to begin the next journey. Decide who you are and who you’re gonna be, because you’re officially being crowned summer royalty.

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