Be Strong, Cancer—Your January Horoscope is About Refusing to Settle

Roya Backlund
Be Strong, Cancer—Your January Horoscope is About Refusing to Settle
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As 2022 begins, your relationships may already be in a different place, Cancer. However, your Cancer January 2022 horoscope is full of hope, because it begins with an opportunity to start over! On January 2, a new moon will bring inspiration to your seventh house of partnerships, helping you heal your relationship dynamics.

With that being said, relationships take work. The month begins with Venus retrograding through your relationship sector, and the planet of love will continue to do so until January 29. This will reveal what isn’t working for you and show you whether your partners are giving you what you need. It will also be an opportunity for you to grow as a partner!

Once Mercury stations retrograde in your passionate eighth house on January 14, you may find it more difficult to relate to your partner on a deeper, more emotional level. If the intimacy is lacking, it’s an opportunity for you and your partner to get to know each other again. And once Mercury re-enters your seventh house of one-on-one interactions, it will be time to navigate your conflicts and find your way back to harmony!

Come January 24, it will be time to focus on yourself. A Full Moon in Cancer will bless the night sky, shining a light on your own hopes and dreams and bringing you comfort and validation. Don’t forget—you’re always your first love, so never abandon that feeling!

When the sun enters your transformative eighth house on January 19, you’ll be in a stronger position to embrace the changing tides of your relationships. Whether you’re improving things together or adjusting to a separation, you need to do what’s right for you. When Mars enters your partnership sector on January 28, it could reveal a power imbalance—make sure the level of energy you’re giving someone is fair, both to them and to yourself.

When Mercury retrograde reaches its boiling point, the month will come to a close. On January 28, the planet of communication will join forces with Pluto, which could lead to an important, emotionally-charged conversation with your partner. You both deserve to be heard, so get on the same page!

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