Cancer, Your Summer 2022 Horoscope Wants You To Do Whatever Your Heart Desires

Valerie Mesa
Cancer, Your Summer 2022 Horoscope Wants You To Do Whatever Your Heart Desires
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It is about that time again, Cancer. June 21 is the first day of summer, which marks the beginning of your birthday season! Allow your Cancer summer 2022 horoscope help you celebrate another magical trip around the sun. In addition to the festivities of your solar return, the sun’s journey through Cancer not only serves as a major confidence boost, but also a spiritual reboot when it comes to your sense of self. Speaking of which, Venus will enter your 12th house of spirituality on June 22, activating the most reclusive area of your birth chart, making this an excellent time to rest, recharge and check-in with yourself. Then again, the new moon in Cancer on June 28 will be no exception, as it will present you with the opportunity to start again both in your personal life and in your public life.

On July 13, there will be a full moon in Capricorn, bringing a significant partnership full circle. Whether this relationship is based on romance, friendship or business, it’s inevitable that it will reach a major turning point! Lady Venus will debut in your sign shortly after, heightening your charming charisma and emotional persuasiveness as of July 17. Moreover, this is an excellent time to gather with family, friends and those you hold dear to your heart.

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Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

After snagging the birthday crown for an entire astrological season, the sun will finally enter Leo on July 22, energizing your second house of comfort, money and self-esteem! You may not only be in the mood to splurge during this time, but you might also feel confident enough to apologetically revel in that which brings you the utmost pleasure. Dinner at your favorite restaurant? Do it. Got your eye on expensive Egyptian cotton sheets? Follow your dreams and make that purchase.

The new moon in Leo towards the end of June will gift you a clean slate, allowing you to let go of something that’s no longer your responsibility. However, some unexpected developments could come along with it. These unforeseen changes may have something to do with your source of income, especially considering the fact that Jupiter will station retrograde in your career sector as of July 28. However, once August rolls around, Mercury will get the ball rolling  and activate your communication sector and get the mental gear going. Venus will also enter your rich and snobby second house, inspiring you to get even more dolled up than you already are! Some of you may decide to collaborate with someone on a financial opportunity or a creative project that utilizes your unique talents. You’ll want to give it your all before laying low, as Mars will enter Gemini on August 20, activating your dreamy 12th house and making you feel like sleeping in *way* past your alarm clock. Mercury will also enter your cozy and nurturing fourth house, encouraging you to tap into your feelings and give yourself the safety you need. The summer may end on an emotional note, but no one handles their emotions more beautifully than you do, Cancer!

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